"Integral means comprehensive, balanced, embracing. When it comes to human beings, integral means maps, models, and practices that include the full spectrum of human potentials, often summarized as 'exercising body, mind, and spirit in self, culture, and nature.'"                                                                   

   Ken Wilber

Unique Self Coaching


AQAL (Pronounced “aqual”) is a term that was nailed by Ken Wilber and it stands for "all quadrants all levels" but equally connotes 'all lines', 'all states' and 'all types'.

All quadrants recognizes that each worldview is looking through a particular set of eyes when viewing the world and that only when we honor all four main perspectives do we get a fuller view of the world. 
These four main views are:

Individual Interior - the thoughts and beliefs, feelings, emotions and values of the individual.

Individual Exterior - the words, actions and behaviors of the individual.

Collective Interior - the beliefs, values and culture of the collective.

Collective Exterior – the external structures and systems of the collective.


"All levels" recognizes that we are all at different developmental stages within each of these quadrants and that we tend to assume that everyone else is at the same level of development that we are. By acknowledging levels of development of their clients, Integral Coaches™ can better gauge their Coaching designs for their clients. 

"All lines" recognizes that there are different skills and aptitudes and that most of us are at very different levels of development within each of these lines. For example, an executive leader may be highly developed in the intellectual or cognitive lines but lower down in the interpersonal or emotional line.

The main idea is that along each line, our relationship to the world, to others and to situations evolves and this evolution does not happen uniformly along the lines. For example, one could be very evolved on the spiritual line while not as developed on the moral line.

In Integral Coaching®, we work with six major lines of development: 
Cognitive line(Piaget) ; moral line (Kohlberg) ; spiritual, somatic,emotional, and interpersonal lines. 
Other lines I consider and evaluate in my approach: Values line (Graves, Spiral dynamics) « Self» (Robert Kegan), esthetic, artistic line…

"All States" recognizes that we can be in different emotional or spiritual states at any time and that these states affect the ways in which we manifest the levels and lines.

"All Types" – recognizes that within all of the above elements there are different types of people and that we will move through the levels of development, manifest the lines, and feel the states in different ways.

To explore this aspect of the AQAL Model I use mostly the Enneagram system, the Gender system ( masculine/feminine - Yin/Yang energies) and I also draw from my training and experience in the Five Wisdom Energies Buddhist system, and the Chinese 5 elements.

By acknowledging where people are in terms of these various lenses and designing practices in accordance, Integral Coaches™ can start to leverage their client’s strengths but also start developing their capacities in specific areas where they need more development.