Integral Coaching®

Although there are several other coaching approaches that call themselves "Integral", ICC's Coaching method is the very first coaching methodology we've ever seen that explicitly honors and includes the full spectrum of human development—which is to say that it is the very first coaching program that fully honors and includes all of you

Ken Wilber

Unique Self Coaching

Integral Coaching® 

The Integral Coaching® method uses six rigorous lenses and metaphors to provide clients with a developmental program that will uniquely enable them to prosper through their next challenge. Integral Coaching® is based on decades of research in Leadership and Human Development, synthesizing the research of experts in various areas such as ego development, values development, self-identity development, moral development, cognitive development, and levels of consciousness into a rigorously structured methodology. This is done first by shining a light on their current "way of being" (how they view themselves, others, and the possibilities that exist for them) and how that particular way of being creates the results they have -or don’t yet have- in their professional or personal life. 


As clients become more aware and start to question the assumptions that have locked them into thinking, acting and feeling in a certain way, this new awareness allows them to explore new ways of looking at themselves and the world allowing for a “new way of being” which can lead to new outcomes and a greater fulfillment.  Awareness itself however, is not enough to achieve a new way of being. Clients need to engage in new “practices”, or new behaviors, so that the insights generated during coaching become an integral part of the person and not just a concept in their minds. When change has been integrated not only cognitively, but also on an emotional, somatic, spiritual, moral and interpersonal level as well, it becomes embodied in their life, and truly sustainable.


Integral Coaching® is grounded in the Integral Model and is one of its most practical application in the domain of coaching: This approach is recognized as one of the latest and most effective frameworks for coaching for organizational results. NASA, Intel, Proctor & Gamble and many other leading organizations are orienting their leadership and coaching initiatives around the Integral approach.

The Integral model was developed by one of the leading edge thinkers of this era, Ken Wilber. The approach is an attempt to create a comprehensive map that includes an extensive cross-cultural study of all of the world’s great traditions,  taking all that the various cultures have to tell us about the human potential—including spiritual growth, psychological growth, social growth -as well as a series of cutting edge practices designed to familiarize us with the many dimensions of our own Being.

The result of this ambitious endeavour is a framework that goes far beyond theory: It is an experiential and psychoactive model that coordinates various methods and practices used to bring forth different experiences available to human beings.