And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

Anais Nin

Unique Self Coaching


“Claire came to me at a time in my life when I had run out of the ability to evolve on my own.  I was truly stuck, and if I hadn’t encountered her as a coach I would have continued to tread along in circles, bypassing my body and my needs.  She compassionately guided me into my embodiment that I had honestly never consciously known before.  She was able to tune into my awareness to know just the right response, practice, or question at the right time.  And even more importantly, she was able to constantly surrender to a larger process that felt almost like there was a magical hand guiding it all.  I’m so grateful to Claire and I feel privileged to have had such a rare opportunity to receive coaching from an excellent coach.”

David Cicerchi - Project coordinator One Sky Canadian Instutue of sustainable living

“Claire was an amazing support system for me as I moved through a challenging transition in my life, her empathy, deep listening and ability to help me view things in a different light all kept me on the right path towards achieving my goals.”

Sophie H, Yoga Instructor, Australia


“When I started coaching with Claire, my personal life and my art were at a status quo. I had lost my self-confidence as an artist. I was feeling overwhelmed, confused and frustrated, with no sense of purpose. I needed help to find some new directions in my life. Throughout the months, I learnt to reconnect to my creativity and to my core values. I feel more inspired and I trust the future. I am making baby steps one day at the time, toward a more holistic, integrated life in which I am learning to make my own choices, aligned with my core being’s true needs and values”

Sophie P. Fine Artist, Corsica, France


“Claire’s coaching exceeded my expectations. Her coaching model creates a safe place for learning, exploration and developing personal creativity. She encouraged me to become an active participant in my life by allowing me to explore and uncover all the things that were holding me back from realizing my true potential. She also supported me to transcend to a level of tremendous clarity and strength to further discover my vision for future endeavors.”
Kathy M, Paralegal, Michgan, USA

 "Claire is a wonderful coach who has helped me to make some important changes in my life. Claire is wise, gentle and understanding.  She has knowledge of so many fields next to coaching such as health, mindfulness and spirituality which add so much depth to her coaching. Through our work together, I have been able to make sustainable positive life changes". 

Amie van Woudenberg Amsterdam

“I came to Claire at a time when I had no sense of purpose or direction in life. I was lost, running in a hamster wheel of freneticism. Claire was better than awesome. She helped me to reframe and understand the situation and gave me exercises to do. The combination, over our short time together, completely unstuck me!”. Thank you Claire! Blessings to you in your work with others, as well as with me again in the future”

Judy P, Connecticut USA


“For the last half a year I was constantly impressed with Claire’s complete dedication to work, her persistent willingness to learn and develop further. For me that is the key for becoming the best in what you do. She also has a daily practice of getting to know her inner self, which is absolutely essential when one works with other people. Claire is a highly sensitive and insightful person, creating unique solutions to help other people with what they need. One small tip: you have to be willing to do some work on your part in order for any change to take place. Claire will be always there to gently remind you and assist you if you find being resistant to change, because you will. I could highly recommend Claire to help you find your way.”
Daniel P, Auditor, Germany.


“Claire’s natural warmth and gentleness, along with her strong coaching presence created the ideal space for me while going through a major work transition. At this point in my career as a psychiatrist, I was feeling bored and I needed to explore new ways of expressing myself through my work.
Thanks to Claire’s tremendous support, I was able to open my mind to new concepts and perspectives that have allowed me to instill a new creative breath into my work. As a result, I am now reaching tangible goals and embracing new challenges with much more ease.”
Virginia Buki, Psychiatrist, Florida, US.


“Your presence and wisdom have been a great blessing in my life. You’ve provided me with the tools to dig deep and find my own treasures and inner light. All in all, you helped me to be more aware and to become attuned to the voice of my soul. And what can be more precious at this stage of my life than consciously hearing God’s words speaking to and through my soul? For all that I am forever grateful to you.”
Andrea S, Insurance Contractor, Maryland, US.


“While searching for a coach to aid me in obtaining life balance and a meaningful spiritual practice I was fortunate to discover Claire Molinard of Holistic Coaching Studio. With kindness, patience and great generosity Claire supported my goals and was supportive of me as a person throughout the coaching process.
What I enjoyed most about working with Claire was her ability to be alert and present in the moment; greeting each session with enthusiasm while also being blunt and direct when needed.
I feel that I am a changed person since my experience with Claire and I’ve honed some life skills which will help me through difficult moments to come.”
Susan Polese, Free lance Journalist, NY, US.


“Claire is an extraordinary coach. She has a kind heart, powerful intuition and clear conscious presence, which allowed the most profound insights and wisdom to emerge during our sessions.
Claire is able to guide deep, deep conversations to wherever we needed to go. I was constantly amazed by the magic, mystery and elegance of Claire’s coaching. She helped germinate some wonderful seeds of transformation in me. I will be forever grateful.”
Ruth Beck, Program Manager, British Columbia, Canada.


“Running my own business these past ten years has caused me to have to call on all my resources. I have found that Claire’s insightful, enthusiastic and holistic coaching style has helped me to see some very important truths about how I function.
This in turn has given me the basis for planning my business and private life so that I feel harmonious and calm and still achieve all my goals.
I have rediscovered my sense of wonder in the Universe and I have the tools I need to run my life.”
Ryan Roberts, Landscape Gardener, France


“Claire is a caring coach who focuses on the clients needs. She knows when to challenge and when to support. Her holistic way of providing the coaching service has supported me to find and embrace beneficial belief and structure to help me sustain peace and joy in my life. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a support of a good life coach.”
Felicia Lauw, Singapore