To LOVE is to be committed to the growth of the other.

Marc Gafni

Unique Self Coaching


Claire Molinard is an Integral Master Coach™ and a Unique Self lineage holder and teacher based in Paris. She is the co-creator of the Unique Self Coaching process and method, a psycho-spiritual development technology that she uses with individuals and groups, through private sessions and  training programs she offers in Europe and in the US.


Claire’s deep longing for understanding and seeing the patterns that connect have led her through a life-long study and practice of various spiritual, healing and coaching approaches, ancient and modern, using an Integral perspective. Having lived and worked on four continents in the past 25 years, she has dedicated her life to her two passions: raising her three daughters to becoming global citizens and raising her own consciousness and other’s through doing what she loves: coaching and healing work.


To this day, Claire likes to describe three turning points in her journey towards healing and awakening: The first one was of « falling » into the Big Universal Heart during a week-long silent meditation retreat when her heart literally exploded into the Love that pervades all existence and lives at the core of all things. This realisation changed her perception of reality for ever. The second one was years later, when she discovered Ken Wilber’s Integral theory, which gave her mind a deep and wide enough map and structure in which to rest and « put all the pieces together »… A third and most revolutionary turning point for her was her encounter four years ago with Dr Marc Gafni and his teachings on Unique Self and Eros, which came as an answer to her deep enquiry into what is one to do with one’s awakening? What comes next? What does awakening look like when it’s embodied through one’s whole life, body, mind, heart and unique offering?


Today, Claire is dedicated to deploying best practices and skilful means that liberate and empower individuals to become the Unique Outrageous Lovers they were born to be. A life-long learner, she holds a BA in Oriental studies and a MSc. in Oriental Energy Medicine, she is certified in various coaching and leadership modalities and is currently in training as a Core Energetics practitioner. Her work is sourced in her deep calling to heal and awaken self and others and to participate in the evolution of Love with her human brothers and sisters.

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