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Unique Self Coaching
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Posted by Claire - 18 novembre 2017

It is time to democratize enlightenment! 

Posted by Claire - 18 novembre 2017

It used to be that Enlightenment was for the few elites and brave ones able to meditate ten hours a day for twenty years on a mountaintop. 

Times have changed. With the strong movement of Eastern spirituality and Shamanic traditions into the West starting in the seventies, to the revival of our Western mystical roots and other various sacred practices – along with the development of the virtual world, we now have access to all of the world's major spiritual traditions and we have the opportunity to study with great teachers from any of these traditions from the comfort of our own homes. Let's not forget the invaluable contribution of Western psychology and developmental studies in the last century applied through various therapeutic modalities and we can truly say that we are at a point in time where all is in our hands to access the Holy Grail of Enlightenment. 

We literally can shop for enlightenment from our home computer and while the enlightenment virtual market is a wild world, with a lot of discernment and a fair degree of spiritual maturity, it is actually more possible today to find our way to Liberation than it ever was before. 

We are experiencing a “democratization of enlightenment” - to quote Dr. Marc Gafni - on a global level. 


The Unique Self Coaching Process: Part Two


Posted by Claire - 18 novembre 2017

Last week I described the Unique Self Coaching Process as a change technology that draws on the recognition that all of creation is going through an evolutionary process animated by Spirit. I explained how the Unique Self Coaching Process consciously taps into the creative power that lives in us and through us to help us evolve into the fullness of our Unique Selves stories. Today, I want to take you on a journey through each step of the process and to clarify how people come to live more and more stably in their Unique Self with the help of this process.

 The Unique Self coaching process involves four series of practices designed to develop specific capacities that build on each other and that progressively come online as we move from Separate Self consciousness to Unique Self consciousness.


The Unique Self Coaching process - Part One

Posted by Claire - 18 novembre 2017

Every human being has a story that possesses irreducible and infinite value. This is the premise at the heart of Dr. Marc Gafni's Unique Self teachings. Deeply rooted in the wisdom of the ancient spiritual traditions and informed by modern psychology, the Unique Self teachings maintain that expressing one's own unique story within the greater whole is each person’s birthright and unique obligation.

The Unique Self Coaching Process is a change technology that draws on the Unique Self teachings and our emerging knowledge of how the brain works to retrain itself.  Based on the recognition that all of creation is going through an evolutionary process that is animated by Spirit (God, the Ground of Being, Essence - called by many names), this process consciously taps into that creative power as it lives in us and through us to help us grow and evolve into the fullness of our Unique Selves stories.

If it is true that each of us possesses a unique story of infinite value, then what happens to us? Why do most of us do not live up to our full potential? The answer is that we humans develop a case of mistaken identity. Spiritual masters from across the traditions have been saying this for centuries. We disconnect from the source of love, the source of creative power that animates creation and as a result, we are lost, caught up in our own fear and we mistakenly conclude that we are separate selves – “skin encapsulated egos,” as Alan Watts said. This is the source of outrageous, horrifying pain in the world. The pain is so vast and complex that we numb ourselves to it out of helplessness, fear and the inability to heal it. Having closed our hearts, we become increasingly alienated from the Source, the love intelligence of the universe that holds and sustains us and we construct a False Self identity based on our belief that we are separate.

Answering the Call

Posted by Claire - 18 novembre 2017

We hear a lot about leadership these days, conscious leadership, integral leadership, circle leadership to name just a few. I am interested in Unique Leadership. What I mean by this is how, we, as individuals can lead our life from our deepest sense of our Unique Self.

What we call "Unique Self "is the "unique expression of the Love Intelligence, (aka God, Spirit, Essense, the Universe) which lives in you as you and through you" (See Your Unique Self Book by Marc Gafni).

While we all have a Unique Self consciousness, this perspective only starts to come online consciously in our awareness, when we realize that we are not just a Separate Self – ' a skin encapsulated Ego", as Alan Watts used to call it. This realization is instrumental  in the emergence of our Unique Self. Once you have had a taste of your Oneness with 'All that is' – and a taste is enough, it doesn't have to be a full on enlightenment experience - then, you can start experiencing how the universe is having a "you experience".